Temotu-Province H4ØHL DX Expedition

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 Temotu-Province H4ØHL DX Expedition
Nov.5. 2005 ~ Nov.11. 2005


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Size of airtight box

The box was accurately made as ordered.
The box is 3,300mm deep, 800mm long and 1,100mm wide on the basis of the inside diameter.

Three airtight plastic boxes contained almost all equipment and were put in the wood box as shown in the figure above.

Three small boxes to be packed in the wood box were 3,300mm long in a line. Jockey Tower, 40m 2ele, 2 sets of Parawoo, 12/17 3ele Dual Bander and 6m 6ele were put on those small boxes. Other equipment was also packed together.

How was it? Now do you feel that you go to expedition?
TITLE : Size of airtight box


DATE : 2005-08-18 23:15
hit : 3820

DSCN1674.JPG (326.5 KB)
NIKON | E4300 | 2005-08-17 16:12:00
Program Normal | Multi-Segment | Auto WB | 1/224s | F8.4 | 0.00 EV | ISO-100 | 10.10mm | 35mm equiv 47mm | Flash not fired; Auto mode
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TRX, AMP, Tuner and Antenna that H40Hl will use.
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Arrival of airtight wood box.
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