Temotu-Province H4ØHL DX Expedition

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 Temotu-Province H4ØHL DX Expedition
Nov.5. 2005 ~ Nov.11. 2005


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Title: Operation Infomation

DATE: 2005-08-27 11:00
Hit: 13681

The equipment to be used by team members and main equipment of H40
Team passed the customs clearance on Aug. 24, 2005.

After the quarantine in Busan Port scheduled on Aug. 25, 2005,
the equipment will be loaded on a container ship and departs toward Sydney,
Australia, the intermediate point, on Aug. 26, 2005.

If everything goes well, the equipment will be transferred to the
cargo vessel to Honiara, Solomon Islands and departs from Sydney on
Sep. 19, 2005. The cargo vessel will sail the Pacific and the equipment
will arrive at Honiara around Oct. 5, 2005, about 10 days after
the loading to the cargo vessel.

The equipment will be loaded to a small ship from Honiara to
Santa Cruz, the final destination. After 5 days, the equipment will
arrive at Temotu Is. SANTA_CRUZ (H40).

The equipment will arrive about 15 days before when the operation
is started(Nov. 5, 2005) and wait for our team.

We deeply appreciate for your encouragement and interest and
we will do our best to leave the creative and unique impression to you.

Thank you.

The H40 TEAM
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