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BANGLADESH S21ZCY DXpedition (March. 7. 2009 ~ March. 14. 2009)
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:::::: Why Bangladesh ? ...................

Our main purpose of Bangladesh DXpediton is to give enough chance to contact with S21 country for all DXers who need it.

We hope it will be a good chance for Asia & Europe stations in all band. Also we will do our best to serve for North & South American station within permissible band condition.

We would like to convey our thanks with deep respect and gratitude to the HAMs in Bangladesh who exerted utmost help for our DXPEDITION.

Bangladesh is ranked WORLD WIDE - 44th in the list of The 2007 DX MAGAZINE 100 MOST NEEDED COUNTRIES.

ㅇ Country: People's Republic of Bangladesh
ㅇ Independence date: Mar. 26, 1971 (Independence from Pakistan declared)
ㅇ Geographical features: Borders India on three sides, partially Myanmar
              pin the southeast and Bay of Bengal in the south
              (N20°34′- 26°38′, E88°01′- 92°41′)
ㅇ Area: 147,570 ㎢ (About 2/3 of Korean peninsula)
ㅇ Population: 129 million (9th largest in the world as of 2001)
ㅇ Population density: 834 persons/㎢ (No.1 in the world as of 2001)
ㅇ Capital: Dacca (Population: 10 million, estimated)
ㅇ Major cities: Chittagong, Khulna
ㅇ Race: Bengali (98%), Bihari, Chakma, Mughal, Arab, Pashtun, etc.
ㅇ Religion: Islam (86.6%, state religion), Hinduism (12.1%), Buddhism (0.6%),
              Christianity (0.3%)
             - Islam declared as state region
                in June 1988 with a revision of a constitution
ㅇ Language: Bengali (90%, official language), Hindi (8%), English (current use)
ㅇ Climate: Sub-tropical monsoon
              - Hot and humid
              - Divided into winter (Nov. - Feb.),
                summer (Mar. - Jun.) and monsoon (Jul. - Oct.)
              - Annual mean rainfall (Dhaka: 2,186mm, Sylhet: 4,842mm,
                Chittagong: 3,310mm)
              - 75% of annual rainfall concentrated during July to September
                (Flood often reported)
              - Annual mean rainfall: 1,902-4,842mm
              - Annual mean temperature: Winter - 20℃ (11-29℃),
                summer - 36.7℃ (21-38℃)
ㅇ Ocean territory:
              - Territorial sea: 12 knots (Mar. 14, 1973)
              - Contiguous zone: 6 knots (Feb. 13, 1974)
              - Economic zone: 200 knots (Mar. 14, 1974)
ㅇ Time lag: Three (3) hours slower than Korean time (6 hours faster than GMT)